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Preventive Dental Care

Restorative and Cosmetic Dental Services

Center of Dental Excellence

Are you hesitant about making that first dental appointment? Whether it’s your child’s introduction to dentistry, or you put off going to the dentist because you’re nervous, you probably know it’s time.

Our goal at Your Caring Dentist is to ensure you and your family are comfortable while we assist you in maintaining optimal oral health.

It all starts with a plan. If you feel anxious about seeing a dentist, please don’t hesitate to let us know when you call for your consultation.

Preventive Dental Care

Good oral hygiene is the No. 1 way to keep your teeth strong and healthy. In fact, the time you spend caring for your teeth at home potentially reduces your dental expenses. Adequate brushing and making sure to floss those hard-to-reach places will not only reduce cavities, but it can also help prevent gingivitis.

We know there’s more to it than brushing and flossing your teeth, however, which is why Your Caring Dentist offers essential preventive dental care to our friends in Fremont, California, and the surrounding areas.

What’s more, most dental insurance plans cover a variety of preventive treatments from regular cleanings and oral checkups to annual x-rays.

Ask us about tooth sealants to give your teeth added protection.

Restorative and Cosmetic Dental Services

Sometimes your teeth need a little professional assistance to look their very best. With cosmetic services from Your Caring Dentist, you have options to brighten and whiten dull, yellowed teeth safely and effectively with bleaching. Or you might want to choose a veneer instead.

We can even recontour your teeth to give you that even smile you’ve always craved. Plus, there’s more good news for patients looking to straighten their teeth without invasive surgery: We have Invisalign.

Our gentle dentists also perform restorative treatments such as root canals, bridges, and crowns.

All that, and we work with your insurance company to guide your dental plan and finish your dental procedures on time with beautiful results.

Schedule your consultation today!

Get a Hollywood Smile

Dr. Sheila Dobee and the entire Your Caring Dentist team of cosmetic and restorative dental professional are here to help you achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of — through the magic of advanced cosmetic dentistry procedures. 

Don’t wait another day to get the smile you want and deserve. Request an appointment online today.


I have been coming here for about 2 years now, service is always consistent and excellent. Fairly small office, which is a huge bonus, because the staff treats you as family!

Alex L.

Great customer service. Kind and personable staff. Top notch dentistry.

Samantha C.

The staff are friendly and very efficient in not only dealing with patients but also in handling insurance and similar types of issues. The facilities are great. And most of all, Dr. Sheila is an excellent dentist.

Benny L.

The Your Caring Dentist World-Class, Award-Winning Team

Dr. Sheila Dobee

Family, Cosmetic and Implant Dentist

Dr. Francisco Pestana

Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Sudabeh Moavenian

Periodontal Surgeon

Dr. Shilpi Chovatia

Family, Cosmetic and Restorative Dentist

Dr. Gassan Hawari

Family, Cosmetic and Restorative Dentist

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