Dental Emergencies


What is a dental emergency?

Any dental problem that requires immediate attention to save the tooth, or to stop bleeding, or to save yourself from infection, is included under the category of dental emergencies. For instance, swelling that is increasing in size with acutely worsening pain indicates a rapid spread of infection.

Examples of dental emergencies

The following are a few more examples of what we would consider to be dental emergencies that require prompt attention

  • trauma to the facial structure that causes soft tissue injuries, 
  • unbearable facial pain, 
  • complete knock-out of the tooth, 
  • loose teeth, or teeth that go out of alignment, 
  • a fractured or cracked tooth, 
  • a broken crown or 
  • an implant that is causing pain

What to do during dental emergencies?

In case of a dental emergency, please call us during business hours or if it is after hours, please reach out to us via our Live Chat or Quick Contact form on our website to get the right assistance. In the meantime, there are some ways to protect your teeth in the following situations while you try to get professional help:

If your tooth is completely knocked out, hold the crown portion with two fingertips and gently wash the tooth in the running tap water. Cover the tooth in the saline solution/Hanks balanced solution/own saliva/raw milk and bring it to us within 20 minutes. You can also place the tooth inside your cheek.

In the case of swelling, bleeding, misalignment, or pain, you can keep cold compression over the affected area. However, make sure to ask us before taking any over the counter painkiller, as some can increase bleeding and some may not be suitable for your health condition. You can call us anytime, and we are happy to help you schedule a video or in-person consultation.


Why choose us for dental emergencies?

We have a highly qualified team of doctors that can compassionately help you to deal with your dental emergency. In most cases, dental emergencies are seen and treated on the same day. We also offer video consultations. If you feel you have a dental emergency, please contact us right away to get prompt support and care. Dental emergencies are not meant to be delayed. Visiting us as early as possible makes a huge difference in saving or losing your teeth.


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