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Importance of good diet for oral health

Our mouth is the window to our body. What we eat can highly affect the health of our teeth and our body. Some foods can promote bacterial growth by acting as a medium for their spread. Dental decay is the most common reflection of a poor diet. In fact, the state of the teeth and gums can often signal systemic problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, celiac disease, sinus infection, irritable bowel disease, acid reflux, and much more. 

It is extremely important to maintain a healthy diet which promotes diversity in your gut bacteria for the benefit of your oral health as well as your overall health. Our doctors can recommend the best diet plan to protect your oral and systemic health. Ask us about our diet counseling services to get on the right track toward both oral and overall health.

Guidelines for better oral health

  • It is extremely important to avoid sugars for healthy teeth. There are fifty-six varieties of hidden sugars like honey, cane sugar, high fructose corn syrup, glucose, malt syrup, fruit juice, etc. that can greatly damage your oral health.
  • Eat more whole unprocessed foods that are fiber-rich in natural elements.
  • Fiber-rich foods can drastically reduce the formation of cavities.
  • Probiotics that are made of natural fermented elements are effective at reducing germs in the gums and teeth.
  • A diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals, particularly raw fruits and vegetables, is extremely good for the health of teeth, gums, and other supporting structures.
  • Vitamin C is a major source of collagen synthesis. Because all tissues are made of collagen, Vitamin C is a significant part of a healthy diet.
  • Hydrate well to neutralize the oral pH.
  • Sticky foods and foods rich in carbohydrates are the prime cause of bacterial growth. Within five minutes of the consumption of starch-rich foods, bacterial growth will begin to take place. The frequency of the carbohydrate-filled diet and the pH of the oral environment act together to activate bacteria. 



Oral diseases due to nutrient deficiency

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can highly influence oral health. For instance, your teeth may appear weak, brittle, and fragile, but what you may not know is that it was caused by a deficiency of certain vitamins at the time of teeth development. Our team of doctors will help you understand the complexity of the signs and symptoms. Diets rich in nutrition help to have better oral health by getting rid of dental cavities, strengthening the gums and bones, protecting soft tissues, activating the chewing muscles, and reducing inflammation and infection.

Why us

Dr. Dobee and her team are very passionate about keeping her patients healthy and happy. She trains other dentists on how to implement whole health dentistry and is a leading authority on the subject.


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