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The professionals at Your Caring Dentist frequently weigh in on current topics in the world of dentistry. Dr. Sheila Dobee has been interviewed on sites such as Newsmax Health, Better Doctor, and Dentistry IQ.

On Better Doctor, Dr. Dobee weighs in on how to pick the best dentist. She recommends studying consumer review websites before making a decision. Also, looking specifically for someone with at least 10 or more online reviews is key.

Another excellent tip for finding your next family dentist is to make sure you also read one and two-star reviews. See if and how the doctor responds to those reviews. Do they address the concerns of the patients? You can judge a lot about a dental practice by how they handle poor reviews.

Newsmax Health interviewed Dr. Dobee about overcoming dental phobia. The team at Your Caring Dentist specialize in helping their patients overcome anxiety associated with dental procedures. 

At Dentistry IQ, Dr. Dobee discusses the importance of avoiding cross-contamination and the spread of disease from dental procedures. With contagious diseases in the headlines and increasing concerns about the health of our immune system, she understands that following strict hygiene protocols is critical. In this article, she discusses the practices and procedures followed at Your Caring Dentist to prevent contamination. 

Is Your Dentist Making the News?

Is your dentist making news and sharing their expertise in industry publications and forums? Find out by doing the following.

  1. Google the name of the dentist you’re researching and adding the word “news.”
  2. Check your state’s dental board to see if there are any scholarly papers to which the dentist has contributed.
  3. Do a Google Scholar search with your dentist’s name.
  4. Ask the staff at the office of the dentist you’re researching if their dentist has contributed to scholarly work or online informational websites.
  5. Simply enter your dentist’s name in Google and scroll through the pages to see what comes up.

Your Caring Dentist is located in Fremont, CA, but our patients come from all over the bay area to consult and work with our team, including Newark, Hayward, Milpitas, San Jose, San Leandro, Oakland, Union City, Santa Clara, San Francisco, Pleasanton, and more.

Make your appointment with one of the awesome dentists of Your Caring Dentist today and get started making your own news — the news of a fabulous, beautiful new smile that you’re going to share with the world.

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Easy Way to Conquer Fear of the Dentist

Experts estimate that around 5 percent of Americans never go to the dentist. But they don’t avoid dental visits because they can’t afford it or because they don’t care about their teeth. It turns out, it’s because they’re scared. [Read More]

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7 Steps to Picking the Best Doctor

BetterDoctor has found a way to help you pick the best doctor. In fact, they’ve designed a 10-variable, data-driven algorithm to help determine who the best doctors are. This is based on factors like the ranking of their medical school, residency and how long they’ve practiced. Also, there’s how many patients get referred to them by other doctors. [Read More]

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Fighting Bioburden With Antimicrobial Textiles in Dental Uniforms

Believe it or not, people involved in dentistry know there’s a problem with microbial cross-contamination. This can happen when dentists and staff perform routine tasks and move from room to room. There’s also a problem with the use of dental scrubs outside the clinic. Antimicrobial textiles in dental uniforms can help reduce this problem.  [Read More]

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