What is tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction is the removal of a badly damaged, unsupported, or infected tooth. This tooth either cannot be saved by any means or saving the tooth would not add any beneficial value to your oral function. If a tooth needs to be replaced, an implant is often the best option.  It is a minor surgical procedure that is performed under local anesthesia. We also offer nitrous as an option if you are nervous.

When is a tooth extraction required?

The following unsupportive tooth conditions require tooth extraction:

  • A severely infected tooth with pus formation 
  • A tooth that causes repeated infection 
  • An extremely loose tooth
  • A tooth that is associated with a cyst or tumor
  • Heavily crooked teeth, in which removing one tooth can create some space that will bring the alignment of the remaining teeth into the arch
  • Complete loss of a crown and only the remnants of a root portion remaining
  • A tooth that is embedded inside the bone, whether completely or partially, and infected.
  • An isolated tooth that is hindering the fitting of dentures, either fixed or removable. Removing this natural tooth can provide a perfectly fabricated set of dentures to enhance your overall oral function and aesthetics. 



Why choose us

We have a team of highly talented oral surgeons who perform the tooth extraction procedure with precision and ease and make sure it is as pain-free as possible. We also have the right technology and expertise to completely remove the tooth without any complications.  If not extracted correctly, the area where the tooth was removed may end up in pain and getting infected. Additionally, we offer high-quality biocompatible bone grafting to enhance the quality of the outcome.

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