Ozone Therapy


What is ozone therapy?

The mouth has the highest number of bacteria in the body and most dental problems occur because of the destruction that is caused by bacterial infections. 

Ozone therapy is a leading-edge, holistic, non-invasive medical treatment that is effective against bacteria, fungi, and viruses. It also can stimulate blood circulation, platelets, and healthy immune response. It is a highly advanced and potentially preventative alternative to dental surgery.  It can also be used in conjunction with certain dental surgeries – in order to make procedures safer and more effective.

Benefits of ozone therapy in dentistry

  • Ozone therapy helps to treat gum diseases by getting rid of bacterial growth. It helps to get rid of microbial spreading and disrupts its buildup on the oral surface. As ozone can enter the gums, invasion of the bacteria into the gums is prevented and the area is protected. 
  • Ozone therapy helps to sterilize the root canal during root canal treatment. It can enter the tiny tubules of the canal and make the area bacteria-free.
  • Recently developed dental decay can be treated with ozone therapy. It kills the newly spreading bacteria and protects the tooth from further destruction.
  • Ozone therapy hardens the compromised tooth surface and prevents tooth sensitivity.
  • Ozone therapy also encourages faster healing.
  • Since Ozone is made solely from oxygen your body cannot be allergic to it. It is safe and does not cause any cross-reaction with other medications. 

Why Us?

We have done extensive research in the field of ozone therapy and have invested in the latest, and safest technology on the market. Our doctors are trained to strategically implement ozone therapy in order to eradicate damaging oral bacteria, prevent tooth decay, strengthen tooth enamel, and increase overall oral health.

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