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“During the COVID 19 shelter in place, we took care of our elderly patients by ensuring they were having essential supplies. Our team delivered items to patients at their homes. ”

We care for you and the community

Our goal is to enrich the lives of our patients through our love and passion for dentistry. Our holistic approach to dental care allows each patient to lead a healthier lifestyle so they can smile on the inside as well as on the outside. We strive to make each patient feel like they are part of the Dr. Dobee family.

The team at Your Caring Dentist goes beyond just caring for our patients. We also seek to support the community and believe strongly in charitable giving. Your Caring Dentist isn’t just a name: this highly skilled team gives care to the community, and beyond. They’re making the world better, one smile at a time.


Community Work

One way we give back to the community is by working directly with those in need in the Bay area. Several organizations exist to serve the homeless and needy, and the team at Your Caring Dentist works with them to provide proper dental care.

Inspired to help underserved children and women in her local community, Dr. Sheila Dobee serves the Give Kids a Smile program in Alameda County as a project manager. This project, sponsored by the American Dental Association, provides oral health services for needy children nationwide. With 10,000 volunteer dentists, they have helped over 5.5 million kids.

Dr. Dobee is also part of the core team for a non-profit organization called which delivers meals around the Bay area to the elderly and those in need.

Dr. Dobee also works as an advisor for the International charity This group provides humanitarian services for orphans, needy children, and widows.

Dr. Gassan Hawari, another one of our caring team members at Your Caring Dentist also volunteers in the community. Like Dr. Dobee, he participates in the Give Kids a Smile program. He also volunteers his dental services to the CDA Cares program — an initiative to provide basic dental care to Californians lacking proper care.

Dr. Hawari also volunteers as a dentist for Project Homeless Connect, where volunteers help homeless individuals in the community get back on their feet. They do this by providing a full range of services such as haircuts, employment counseling, eyeglasses, and assistance obtaining an official state ID.

Charitable Giving

Over the years, we at Your Caring Dentist have discovered many worthy non-profit organizations doing good work in the world at large and in the Bay area. These are our top five charitable organizations that we support.


Sahaita is one of the top charities we support because it helps the most vulnerable. Sahaita is a non-profit organization that’s committed to providing education and support to help uplift underprivileged members of society. To accomplish this, they have set up initiatives for better health care and sponsored educational programs and job training programs.

Sahaita works with other non-profit organizations to provide resources for needy and orphaned children and poverty-stricken elderly members of society. And because they are managed and run entirely by a staff of volunteers, 100 percent of donations go directly to help. You can visit to find out more.

Feed a Billion

Feed a Billion stands out among the charities we support because they focus on the joy of sharing a meal. Their simple goal — ending world hunger by providing a billion meals — pushes the boundaries of what a nonprofit can do.

Feed a Billion has taken advantage of economies of scale and leveraged the power of cooperation and partnership. As a result, we know they’ll share 10 meals for every $1 we donate.

Feed a Billion provides meals for hungry people in India, Africa, and in the United States. To date, the organization has provided 6 million meals around the world. One focus of their efforts lies in providing food to children in African schools. Along with helping keep the children nourished, it also helps to keep them in school and out of reach of human traffickers. You can visit to find out more about this worthy effort.


Janyaa is non-profit set up in 2009, and it’s also one of the worthy charities we support. They focus on helping rural kids in India learn and build on their creative problem-solving skills. The name, Janyaa, fits with the group’s vision — it translates to “Life.”

Janyaa focuses on improving the way math and science are taught in underserved communities. They emphasize hands-on learning, resulting in improvement rates for 50 percent of students. They also encourage the creative use of these new skills in their daily lives.

Janyaa has worked with almost half a million students in 900+ schools. Projects from the children include a rainwater collection system that benefits their whole community. Another project focused on recycling fabric and paper into marketable decorative goods. Janyaa has helped create the means for many such innovations. These projects help advance the socio-economic state of their entire country, one village at a time.

You can find out more by visiting

Serve Now

In January 2013, ServeNow launched to serve people in need. By caring for orphans, widows, and underprivileged children and youth, they provide humanitarian assistance wherever needed in the world. This nonprofit is funded by individual donors as well as churches.

ServeNow provides food, clean water, and medical care in areas of dire need and as part of its worldwide disaster relief programs.

They offer food and shelter to needy children in all parts of the world. They also work to build schools and provide education for children. For adults in impoverished regions, they offer occupational training as part of their anti-trafficking program.

Please visit to find out more.

Heal Circle

HealCircle is a non-profit platform for doctors to offer actionable affordable health programs. It is also a community and program for healthier habits. Their community includes doctors, healers and integrative practitioners dedicated to helping you heal naturally. They charge a nominal fee for their Bootcamps in order to cover their costs of running the bootcamps and the doctor’s time.

Please visit to find out more.


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