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Dental Insurance Benefits and Billing

At Your Caring Dentist, we know dental benefits can be complex and hard to understand. That’s why we’re here to help you get educated and maximize the benefits your plan provides. We start by getting a thorough breakdown of benefits from your insurance benefits carrier. Of course, we welcome the use of dental plans in our office and are happy to help you apply your benefits towards required treatment. However, we caution our patients against basing vital health care decisions solely on whether your plan covers it or not. Coverage for procedures can vary greatly between plans. Also, there are many other factors such as frequency, history, waiting periods, deductibles, exclusions, downgrades, etc. These can affect whether or not your plan would cover the required treatment and how much they’ll cover

Here are some common examples of how coverage can vary.

  • Some plans will downgrade composite (tooth colored) fillings to silver mercury-based fillings. This is, of course, because the silver fillings cost less.
  • Some plans would pay 100% for sealants while others exclude sealants.
  • Although most plans exclude coverage for dental implants, some may cover them.
  • Different insurance plans have different waiting periods for fillings, crowns, and other procedures they cover.
  • Some plans may require you to apply a deductible to preventative care (cleanings)… Even though they say preventative is covered at 100%.
  • Some limit the frequency of common procedures such as cleanings and X-Rays. For example, some plans may allow up to three cleanings per year while others may only cover two. Others only cover cleanings when they’re six months apart or more.

We work with most dental PPO plans.

At Your Caring Dentist, we do work with most dental PPO plans and accept assignment of dental benefits. Our experienced team will gladly answer any questions you may have about your benefits and co-pays. We will even submit your claims electronically as a courtesy. It’s important to know that even the best dental insurance plans have an annual maximum benefit limit (this usually ranges from $1000- $3000 per year) and have various coverage percentages for different types of procedures (not all procedures are covered at a 100%). After that, you’ll need to cover the rest. You’re also responsible for any deductibles, co-payments and any balance not covered by your plan. Although we estimate and expect to collect these charges before the start of the treatment, we also have financing and payment options.

Payment Options

Getting the right Dental treatment is an excellent investment in your general health and emotional well being. At our office, we strive to give you the highest quality of care and experience. Meanwhile, we offer a range of flexible payment options to make your dental care affordable. We also do everything we can to help you make the most of your dental insurance benefits. While payment is due at the time service is rendered (unless prior arrangements have been made), we’re happy to help you find affordable ways to pay. We can also estimate your co-payment to help you prepare. The flexibility of our payment options helps ensure that cost won’t deter you from doing what is best for you and your family’s health. We understand that different people have different needs when it comes to handling their financial obligations. Given that, we provide the following payment options:

Cash, Debit, and Credit Cards (Visa, MC and Discover only) are gladly accepted as payment.

We also offer flexible payment programs

In case finances are tight, we also offer flexible NO-interest or extended-term payment plans that make it easier for you to get the treatment or cosmetic procedures you need now. You can then pay for it over time with a monthly payment that fits your budget.

  • Care Credit
    • Quick online application with an instant decision.
    • High acceptance rates.
    • Interest-FREE payment options up to 12 months (we pay the fees for you).
    • Extended payment terms available upon request.
    • No setup or annual fees.
    • Accepted at other Healthcare providers (Cosmetic Surgery, Eye Care,…).
    • You can use your Care Credit card in conjunction with your dental insurance or on its own.
  • Denefits
    • No Credit Checks
    • Rebuild Your Credit Score
    • Flexible Payment Plans
  •  LendingPoint – LendingPoint operates an online loan platform that connects borrowers with financing solutions from different lenders. If you are approved for a loan, you will receive a virtual card number that can be used to pay your preferred provider for treatment. The amount that you spend using the virtual card will establish the amount of your loan.
  • GreenSky – High credit lines and extended-term plans can make it possible for patients to more easily afford costly procedures and/or ongoing, episodic care.


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