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If you give Dr. Sheila Dobee the privilege of your first appointment then we promise the beginning of a long lasting relationship, like the patients that we have shared years of caring, gentle and comfortable times with.Your Caring Dentist in Fremont, CA, Dr. Dobee, takes an integrated approach to dentistry, combining the best in general health practices with the latest dentistry procedures and techniques to give you the highest quality care and results that you deserve.Our comprehensive range of dental services include crowns, bridges, tooth colored fillings, implants, invisible teeth straightening (Invisalign), extractions, Lumineers, checkups, cleaning and whitening.Our honest commitment is to educate and advise you on all the possible treatment options to help you achieve optimal health.

What others say about Dr. Dobee
Dr. Dobee has been consistently rated on the top amongst other Fremont dentists by popular patient review sites such as Dr. Oogle. She is also a winner of the ‘Best of 2012 Fremont’ award for Family and Cosmetic Dentistry and ‘Best of 2012 Patient Choice’ award. Click here to see what actual patients have to say.

Prevention is the Best Medicine
Dr. Dobee strongly believes prevention is better than cure. We make sure our patients understand how to care for their own teeth properly, and continue with regular checkups and maintenance to prevent problems before they occur or get bigger and more expensive. This philosophy has saved our patients a lot of time, money and discomfort in the long-run.

Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry
Some Fremont dentists may not utilize state of the art technology such as Dexis Digital X-rays which lower your radiation exposure significantly or Dexis Intra-oral camera which allows more accurate diagnosis.

While we do generally take advantage of and utilize the latest technologies, if it has no practical benefit for a particular case, then we don’t just use technology for its own sake. This results in a more cost efficient and effective treatment plan for each patient.

Being an award-winning cosmetic dentist in Fremont, CA, Dr. Dobee understands that not everyone is born with a perfect smile, and age and bad habits can take a toll on one’s teeth. Using the latest developments in cosmetic procedures, she can restore or improve your smile in ways never before possible, while always making your dental work look and feel natural.

Call to Schedule an Appointment Today
Make an appointment and take advantage of the following complimentary services on your first visit:

  • Free Smile Analysis – The first step in a dental procedure where we take measurements of your face, teeth, and gums to evaluate your situation and formulate the best treatment plan for your teeth.
  • Free Invisalign Consultation – This consultation helps patients determine whether they are a good candidate for Invisalign.
  • Free Quote for Old Silver or Amalgam Fillings Replacement – Determine the cost for having your worn-out fillings checked and replaced.
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Meet Dr. Sheila Dobee
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