As we age, many of us find ourselves with teeth that are no longer structurally sound. Root canals, lost fillings, decay below a filling, chipping and cracking of the enamel are all things that can lead to large scale defects in a tooth’s surface. When the entire surface of the tooth is a problem, but the root system is intact, a crown might be just what the dentist orders.

Dental procedure - before crown.

Dental procedure: After crown.

Why Our Crowns Are Better Than The Rest

  • Experienced DDS
  • Extensive study of occlusion ( how patients bite and where exactly a crown, bridge, implant ,veneer etc needs to be placed)

We use dental  laboratories that are award winning and use the most highly trained dental technicians that are accredited by the American association of cosmetic dentistry and pass our strict guidelines of quality control.  They create perfect crowns , bridges , implants and veneers each case is crafted with exacting standards and create it  to fit perfectly. Highest level of technology is used to deliver the best results.

Most patients don’t know the differences in crown material and the expertise it takes to produce a long lasting, color matched crown so why choose our office for your crown, veneers, implant work:

  • A high end lab studies the form , color , shade and position of teeth in relation to the position in the mouth. They fully mount the tooth on a special device that replicates the patient’s tooth jaw joint and the way that the person bites this make sure that the new tooth fits exactly where it needs to be this makes sure that in years to come there are no long term problems .  The special mount sees how the patient bites and moves . as everyone has  a different bite and bite strength.
  • If a crown is not put in the correct position it will cause issues such as opposing teeth to wear down incorrectly or even break and incorrectly positioned tooth can also cause jaw issues, headaches and long term issues.

Preparing for a Crown

What is a good crown?

  • Fit – a crown needs to be sealed 100 percent to make sure that nothing leaks on over the years . a tooth is in a very harsh environment including millions of bacteria , moisture etc so it is necessary that the whole tooth is fully protected .  over the years we have seen thousands of crowns that have been open and leakage in our office we ensure that our crowns are fitted perfectly.
  • Last for many years – factors such as the retention matters . That means that the tooth and build up needs to be preapared by the dentist as parallel as possible so that the tooth is retentive to hold a crown that requires a experienced doctor
  • The tooth also needs a very stable build up. If the tooth has been broken or destructive the inside needs a very strong stable build up to hold and support the tooth . the build up needs to be made of specialised non toxic biocompatible material. In our office we specialise in making build ups that are long lasting and effective.
  • Does Not cause damage to the tooth underneath – if a crown is not placed correctly it can cause further damage to the tooth leading to long term tooth loss or nerve damage.
  • Is aesthetic – looks natural
  • Maximum strength – so it can handle the (   ) tons of force that the jaw generates .
  • Foundation underneath

The type of cement that is used needs to be strong and help remineralize the tooth underneath so it’s safe and biocompatible and it must be able to withstand chewing forces.

We use Brilliance Z – Zircomium crowns the newest breakthrough in the dental field

We work with the most innovative technologies and the best materials so that each tooth is not just beautiful, but the best possible tooth available.

Through years of quality service, Frontier Dental Laboratories has been awarded more AACD medals than any other lab in North America. We can help you with your accreditation cases through one-on-one personalized consultations with one of our dedicated Smile Designers.


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