Bad Breath Treatment

Bad breath can be caused by various factors. Brushing, flossing, and mouthwash will only mask the odors temporarily. If you don’t brush and floss daily, particles of food remain in the mouth, collecting bacteria, which can cause bad breath. Food that collects between the teeth, on the tongue, and around the gums can rot, leaving an unpleasant odor. At your cleaning appointment, we can remove all the particles.

If you suffer from dry mouth, we can prescribe you products that could help. The odor may also be the sign of a medical disorder. If our doctor determines that your mouth is healthy but you still suffer from halitosis they may refer you back to your family doctor or a specialist to determine the cause.. Some medications may also play a role in creating mouth odors.

Mouthwashes are generally for temporary relief from bad breath and do not have a long-lasting effect. If you need extra help in controlling plaque, we may recommend using a special antimicrobial mouth rinse.

Here at Your Caring Dentist, we can examine you to determine the cause of your bad breath. We can then design a treatment plan for you.

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