At Your Caring Dental, we can replace your old mercury fillings with tooth-colored fillings. In the video below, Dr. Sheila Dobee explains why the old kind can be dangerous and how the new kind can improve your health.

Tooth-Colored Fillings: They’re Better for Your Health and They Look Better too.

What are tooth-colored fillings? They’re made from composites, can be colored to match your teeth, and can preserve the natural look of your smile. In fact, we design them to match the tooth perfectly so it looks like you never even had a cavity. Plus, as an added benefit, they are minimally invasive. This means less of your tooth’s structure needs to be removed. Plus, unlike the older kind of mercury amalgam fillings, these are non-toxic. Not only are they better for your health, but they also look a lot better.

Before photo: Tooth with silver-mercury filling.

Before photo, with the old kind of silver filling with the mercury amalgam.

After picture with new, tooth-colored, non-toxic filling.

After photo, with the new kind of tooth-colored filling that looks natural and is better for your health.

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