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Here at Your Caring Dentist, we go beyond caring for our patients. We also strongly believe in charitable giving. The following is a list of the worthy charities we support.

sahaita - the helping hand


Because it helps the most vulnerable, Sahaita is one of the four main charities we support. Sahaita is a non-profit that’s committed to providing education and support to uplift the underprivileged members of society. They accomplish this through their health care initiatives, education sponsorships, and job training programs, Also, they partner with other non-profits to achieve their goals. Because Sahaita’s run entirely by volunteers, 100% of funds donated go to their projects. Please visit to find out more.

Feed a Billion

Feed a Billion

Feed a Billion stands out among the charities we support because they focus on the joy of sharing a meal. Their simple goal — ending world hunger by providing a billion meals — pushes the boundaries of what a nonprofit can do. Firstly, they’ve taken advantage of economies of scale. Secondly, they’ve amplified the power of human cooperation and partnership. As a result, we know they’ll share 10 meals for every $1 we donate. Please visit to find out more.



Janyaa, is a 501c(3) non-profit set up in 2009 and it’s also one of the worthy charities we support. They focus on helping rural kids in India learn and build on their creative problem solving skills. The name, Janyaa, fits with the vision the group’s vision because it translates to “Life.”

As envisioned by Janyaa’s founder, Venu Nadella, the kids start with these basic principles. This helps empower them to make badly-needed progressive changes in their communities. This, in turn, can help advance socio-economic state of their entire country, one village at a time Please visit to find out more.

Serve Now.

Serve Now

In January 2013, ServeNow launched to serve people in need. By caring for orphans, widows, underprivileged children and youth, they provide humanitarian assistance where needed. This nonprofit is by individual donors as well as churches seeking to fulfill their ministries. Please visit to find out more.

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