As a parent that smokes, you might think, “It’s my body, and I can do what I want to it!” True, smoking is definitely your choice, but you should know that you’re not the only one exposed to your cigarette smoke’s harmful toxins. According to the American Dental Association, your smoking can lead to the deterioration of your children’s dental health as well.

secondhand smoke may cause kids cavities
Authors of a scientific article published in The Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA) reviewed 15 studies conducted between 1990 and 2010 and discovered that 10 of the studies were able to establish a weak to moderate link between second-hand smoke (SHS) and cavities in primary or baby teeth. The remaining five studies showed a weak link between SHS and permanent teeth.

Put simply, parents who expose their children to SHS somehow increase the risk of their children getting cavities. How is this possible, you may ask? The Huffington Post published a commentary from the JADA that provides a possible explanation for this link:

“Proposed mechanisms linking exposure to SHS with caries risk include influencing oral microbiota; influencing the mineralization of developing dentition; increasing environmental cadmium levels; decreasing vitamin C levels; decreasing immune function; decreasing the production and effectiveness of saliva by affecting the development and function of salivary glands; and by causing nasal congestion, which could increase mouth breathing.

Overall, the commentary said that more research is needed to establish that secondhand smoke does indeed cause cavities, but that secondhand smoke does carry other health risks.”

You may already know that smoking discolors teeth, dries the mouth and increases the risk of gum disease, bone loss, tooth plaque, tartar, and even oral cancer in actual smokers. Now, you can list cavities in kids among smoking’s detrimental effects. Caring Fremont, CA dentist Dr. Sheila Dobee will be the first to tell you: For your children’s health as well as your own, you should quit tobacco use altogether. If you choose to continue to smoke, at least make sure not to do it around your children.

To ensure that your family’s dental health is taken care of and all small problems are caught before they become bigger, visit a dentist regularly. Find the best dentist in Fremont, CA for you and your family so you can all beam with beautiful, healthy smiles.

(Source: Secondhand Smoke May Cause Kids’ Cavities, The Huffington Post, Feb. 01, 2014)

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