Holistic Restorative Dentistry and
Mercury-Free Restorations
Did you know that your mouth is a window to your body’s health?
The state of your oral health offers a lot of clues about your overall health. Bacteria in your mouth can enter your bloodstream and can create havoc in your body. This could lead to serious issues such as cardiovascular disease, including heart disease, clogged arteries and stroke. During pregnancy it could lead to risks of premature birth. Research has also shown links with diabetes.
Signs of certain diseases may first show up in your mouth. Therefore detecting them and treating them in a timely manner is necessary for overall health.Dr Dobee always keeps your overall health in mind when providing dental care. To ensure this, she uses latest technology such as Digital X-Rays, mercury-free fillings, the highest quality biocompatible materials and conservative procedures that are in the best interest of your overall health. She caters to patients of all ages and will customize a treatment plan for you to make sure that all of your holistic dental needs are met.Dr. Dobee also works with other specialty practitioners that she can refer you to upon request that can assist you in further achieving optimal health.Have you ever been worried or anxious about visiting your dentist?

Besides naturally making you feel at ease, Dr Dobee is certified in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Deep Relaxation therapy; She is currently working towards her Masters in NLP. NLP can be used to help eliminate dental phobia through changing how you interpret and think about dental fear.

Deep Relaxation therapy can help reduce fear, control pain and bleeding, and speed up recovery time.

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